Saturday, June 7, 2008

News from the Michael Cherney Foundation: Educational Grants

Evgeniy P. received a grant to finish his studies at Braude College in Carmiel, Israel.
Even though the criteria for grants has not been changed and Evgeniy doesn’t exactly fit into it -as an exception, the Michael Cherney Foundation Committee decided to help the student out.
In other news, Irena was accepted into the MA program at Bar Ilan University for media and journalism studies.
The Michael Cherney Foundation supports students studying in these particular fields but only for BA. In Irena’s case there was an exception made because of extenuating circumstances.

From her letter: “ All the above disasters and loses that fell upon our family did not break us or me. I am absolutely convinced that my calling is journalism and media - this is my dream.”
The Michael Cherney Foundation is delighted that our assistance will bring Irena closer to fulfilling her dream.

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Amit Savyon said...

Hello Mr. Cherney,

I would just like to thank you for your continued support of Israeli innovations. Israel's biggest asset is its braintrust, and it's important that organizations like yours, Len Blavatnik's Family Charity, and others such as Lev Lalev, continue to invest money into Israeli academics.

I use the word "invest" as opposed to "donate" because these really are investments, as the money does not go into a fixed, depreciating asset (i.e. housing, food) but into self-replicating value.

I recently wrote more about this on my blog, at this URL.