Wednesday, June 22, 2011

British High Court to Decide: Can Michael Cherney Testify by Video?

Deripaska, who paid Cherney $250 million as part of the agreement, vehemently rejects 

the claim. Cherney claims the deal included a 20 percent stake in Rusal.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Michael Cherney Foundation Reinforces A United Jerusalem

Michael Cherney Foundation Reinforces A United Jerusalem

Michael Cherney: "My Foundation will continue
to support Israel and a united Jerusalem."

Friday, February 4, 2011

Anti Mafia Witness Jalol Khaydarov Meets Russia Aluminum Magnate, Israel Philanthropist Michael Cherney

Anti Mafia Witness Jalol Khaydarov Meets Russia Aluminum Magnate, Israel Philanthropist Michael Cherney

By Herb Brandon
Israel News Agency
Tel Aviv, Israel ---- February 4, 2011 ...... A few days ago a popular Russia Israel news Website had reported that its deputy editor-in-chief became an accidental observer of a hearty meeting and a lengthy conversation between Jalol Khaydarov - a chief witness against the "Russian Mafia" in many Western courts - and Michael Cherney (Mikhail Chernoy), an oligarch residing in Israel and, as Khaydarov alleges, someone who threatens his life.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Michael Cherney Seeks Justice For Money Owed by Oleg Deripaska

Richest Russian oligarch, Oleg Deripaska, Loses Round

The Globe And Mail

August 4, 2008
ROME -- Oleg Deripaska is not used to setbacks.

He has been extraordinarily successful since he won the so-called aluminum wars in the 1990s. He is Russia's richest man and is said to be Prime Minister Vladimir Putin's favourite oligarch. Through his holding company, Basic Element, Mr. Deripaska controls $45-billion (U.S.) of assets, among them UC Rusal, the world's biggest aluminum producer, and 18 per cent of Canadian auto parts maker Magna International Inc.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

News from the Michael Cherney Foundation: Educational Grants

Evgeniy P. received a grant to finish his studies at Braude College in Carmiel, Israel.
Even though the criteria for grants has not been changed and Evgeniy doesn’t exactly fit into it -as an exception, the Michael Cherney Foundation Committee decided to help the student out.
In other news, Irena was accepted into the MA program at Bar Ilan University for media and journalism studies.
The Michael Cherney Foundation supports students studying in these particular fields but only for BA. In Irena’s case there was an exception made because of extenuating circumstances.

From her letter: “ All the above disasters and loses that fell upon our family did not break us or me. I am absolutely convinced that my calling is journalism and media - this is my dream.”
The Michael Cherney Foundation is delighted that our assistance will bring Irena closer to fulfilling her dream.

Michael Cherney Foundation News: Help to a Father of 4

SOS to Father of Four Children

Igor Sh. is an Israeli father of 4 children, ages 5-17 and is now caught in an absurd hardship.
While receiving allowance from the Israel National Insurance Institution (Bituah Leaumi) he started a leadership course in Seminar Ha’Kibutzim, which led to cancellation of the payment from National Insurance Institution and a 7,000 NIS penalty fee for studying while receiving the allowance.
As of today, his family survives on 1000 NIS from Israel Ministry of Development and 1000 NIS for his children from the National Insurance Institution -out of which they deduct 500 NIS for penalty payment.

In contrast to this harmful policy of bureaucrats from the National Insurance Institution, the Michael Cherney Foundation rendered financial assistance to this family so that they could buy food, pay their electric and telephone bills.

News from the Michael Cherney Foundation: Helping Terror Victims in Sderot

The Michael Cherney Foundation Comes to the Rescue of the Wounded in Sderot, Israel.

Boris Zinger from Sderot, Israel was making ends meet by teaching Yidish in a pensioner’s club.

On December 24th he was wounded by shrapnel from Qassam missiles launched by the terror group Hamas in Gaza that fell next to his house. As a result of injuries to his face, his hearing was severely damaged-to the point him needing a hearing aid.
The Michael Cherney Foundation allocated funds for his medical treatment, which included a hearing aid device.